Biz-Care Scrubs

A collection of innovative, comfortable and extremely functional apparel for modern medical professionals. Because fit is everything.

Biz-Care’s extensive range of scrubs is designed locally together with medical professionals from a diverse range of Care industries. Ensuring there’s a range of scrubs perfectly suited for your team and job functions. Each scrub range features our core principles of durable fabrics, comfort, easy-care and fit for purpose styling.

Ranges within the Biz-Care Scrub collection include:

  • Hartwell Scrubs– Unisex reversible scrubs designed for commercial laundromats
  • Classic Biz collection Scrubs – made from high performance, soft touch fabric with mechanical stretch
  • Tokyo Scrubs – Treated with SilverPlus®, an antimicrobial technology that provides body odour control
  • Avery Scrubs – Soft, durable and more comfortable than your favourite pair of pyjamas. Designed with attention to detail; functional, responsive, easy-care & durable
  • Riley Scrubs – Inspired by athleisure and expertly designed to take you through the longest of shifts in comfort. Cotton-rich that feels incredibly soft against the skin, but durable enough for the demands of healthcare.
  • Parks Scrubs – Cotton-rich fabric with added antibacterial protection and stretch. Full Zip front removes the need for overhead removal.
  • Rose Scrubs – Cotton-rich fabric with added antibacterial protection and stretch. Rose Tunic can be worn as a maternity Scrub top or as a relaxed fit tunic scrub top.