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Bringing Art to Life: Ollie’s Wish for Custom Printed Scrubs

At our medical uniform store, we believe in the power of community and creativity. Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting a talented young artist named Ollie. One of Ollie’s biggest wishes was to see his artwork ’Monster Mash” come to life in the form of printed scrubs and caps. When we saw his bright and skillful artwork, we knew we had to make that wish come true.

This blog post shares Ollie’s story and how your purchase directly supports him.

Meet Ollie: The Artist Behind the Designs

Ollie is a young artist with a remarkable gift for creating vibrant and engaging artworks. His pieces are full of life and colour, making them perfect for brightening up the healthcare environment. Ollie’s wish was simple yet profound: to have his art featured on healthcare uniforms, bringing joy to both healthcare workers and patients.

Pictured: Young artist Ollie in his custom scrub design

Making Ollie’s Wish Come True

We were immediately inspired by Ollie’s artwork and wanted to support his dream. Here’s how we turned his wish into reality and how your purchase makes a difference:

  • License Fee: We paid a license fee to Ollie for his incredible artwork, acknowledging his talent and hard work.
  • Sales Royalties: In addition to the license fee, Ollie will receive a further 3% from all sales of scrub tops and caps featuring his designs.

Unique and Functional Printed Scrubs

Our Scrub Turkey custom printed scrub tops and scrub caps, adorned with Ollie’s vibrant ‘Monster Mashup’ artwork, offer both style and functionality. These special items not only enhance the professional look of healthcare workers but also bring a touch of joy to their daily routine.

With every purchase of Ollie’s artwork-printed uniforms, you’re contributing to a dream and adding a splash of colour to the healthcare environment. Thank you for supporting Oliver and helping us bring his bright and skillful artworks to life in the form of healthcare uniforms.

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