How To Properly Care For Your Biz Collection Scrubs

Caring for and maintaining your scrubs can be difficult, especially when working in a fast-paced and often messy industry such as healthcare. However, you can’t have your employees turning up in stained, tattered scrubs; it would look so unprofessional! Healthcare Uniforms Australia has been leading suppliers of high-quality healthcare uniforms for over ten years, and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to take care of our Biz collection scrubs.

How To Keep Your Scrubs Clean And Hygienic

The team at Healthcare Uniforms Australia have a few tips and tricks to keeping your Biz collection scrubs looking fresh and clean for every shift.

  • Consider wearing gloves when washing. If you’re concerned about any bacteria or stains on your uniform, it may be best to wear gloves when handling your unwashed scrubs.
  • Wash your scrubs straight after your shift. If you leave stains for too long, they’ll be harder to remove later on. As soon as you get home, either wash your scrubs or start your stain treatment.
  • Pretreat stains before washing. Whether you have marks on your scrubs from bodily fluids or ointments and medicines, you’ll need to pretreat them before throwing your scrubs into the wash.
  • Don’t wash your Biz collection scrubs with your other clothes. To try and keep your scrubs as sterile as possible, wash them separately from your other clothes.
  • Use colour-safe bleach sparingly. You should avoid bleaching your Biz collection scrubs every time you wear them, as the bleach may affect colour, embroidery, or logos on the uniform. Instead, soak your scrubs in colour-safe bleach only when you feel they need disinfecting.
  • Dry them in the sun. Sunshine is a fantastic method of drying clothes, especially white or lighter coloured scrubs, as the sun aids in bleaching and disinfecting. However, be careful with darker coloured scrubs, as the sun may cause discolouration if you leave them on the washing line for too long. Alternatively, you can tumble dry your uniforms on high heat to sanitise them.
  • Put them in a plastic bag. You’ll want your Biz collection scrubs to stay sanitised until you wear them again, so keep them separate from the other clothes in your wardrobe. Consider keeping your scrubs in pre-packed bags and changing into them when you get to work.

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